10 Canadian Retailers That Accept Bitcoin in 2021

Although panic ensues after every dip and critics can’t wait to declare bitcoin dead for the umpteenth time, an increasing amount of Canadian retailers are ready to take the plunge and accept Bitcoin as an official means of payment. Thereby making their customers’ lives easier and bringing the future closer.

Continue reading to discover which Canadian retailers will accept your Bitcoin in 2021.


The Quebec-based auto dealer HGregoire, with over 30 dealerships around Canada, recently started accepting Bitcoin for customers that want to buy a car.

The constant desire to improve and evolve their customers’ shopping experience made HGregoire decide to add Bitcoin to the roster of possible payment methods. And by doing so they became one of the first car dealers worldwide where it’s possible to check out a car with cryptocurrency.

Traditionally HGregoire has always been tech- and customer-friendly, they have a popular online store and an offline staff that doesn’t work on sales commission and doesn’t haggle about prices. So this step doesn’t come as a big surprise.


The leading tech-focused online retailer in North America now lets buyers pay for their purchases with Bitcoin. Although they first started taking Bitcoin in 2014 (and being one of the first big retailers to do so) from US buyers, customers from Canada now get to enjoy the prospect of being able to buy with Bitcoin.

Newegg works together with Bitpay to give their 25 million registered users the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin for one of the 10.5 million products from their stock of electronics, computers, game consoles, and more.

Birks Group

Everything from Diamonds and pearls to gold and vintage watches can now be bought with Bitcoin as Birks group (one of Canada’s oldest luxury jewelry retailers) now accepts Bitcoin in some of their stores (Vancouver West Hastings, Brinkhaus Calgary, Fairview Mall, Bloor, Yorkdale, Montreal and Calgary store locations). 

Birks Group uses the Bitpay platform to manage Bitcoin transactions and provide their customers with ‘faster, easier and more secure’ payment options. 

Because of the highly international business and clientèle from all over the world that buy their exclusive jewelry at Birks, accepting Bitcoin is a logical next step for the company, according to their CEO.

Park and Finch Eyewear

The Canadian eyewear brand Park and Finch have a clear vision for their future. They partnered with Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to become one of the first eyewear brands around the world where it’s possible to buy with Bitcoin.

This move made it easier and more interesting for international buyers to shop at Park and Finch, since transaction fees are much lower for Bitcoin than the fees credit card companies traditionally charge for international transactions.

Best Sleep

If you’re tired of losing sleep over the value of your Bitcoin ánd need to buy a better bed. Best Sleep is eminently your best bet. Recently Best Sleep announced they believe in Bitcoin as being the future of money and want you to spend your Bitcoin there. From now on Bitcoin is a valid form of payment on their website. 

(Oh yeah, they ship anywhere in Canada and the US).

Toronto Brewing

Toronto Brewing, a retailer for all your home-brew and craft beer needs, now takes your Bitcoin at their store in Toronto and in the online shop. 

What started as a small shop in a basement grew into an institution, and in their own words, a ‘thought leader in beverage design’, with a large store in Toronto and customers from coast to coast.

So the next time you’ll stock up on brewing supplies or your favorite craft beers, you can check out with Bitcoin. And not only do they take Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin is also accepted.


For a company that makes Bitcoin wallets and related hardware devices, it wouldn’t make sense to NOT accept Bitcoin. And as long-term friends of Satoshi, not only do they accept Bitcoin they’ve been frontrunners in the crypto community for quite some time now. 

Coinkite was one of the first to offer software wallets to the community (that were allegedly the best and fastest) and at one point facilitated 10% of all daily Bitcoin transactions. In 2016 they switched to being a hardware-only company.


Coincards wants to bridge the gap between the crypto community and the rest of the world by making it possible for people to spend their cryptocurrencies at all (well, at least a lot) retailers. Currently only available in Canada and the United States but Europe might be next soon.

Coincards offers physical gift cards for some of the biggest brands out there, that you can pay for with crypto. So even if it might still take a while before Apple takes your money, by using Coincards you can still pay for your Apple gear with Bitcoin (and Ethereum, Litecoin, Lightning Network, Dogecoin amongst others).


There’s no reason gold, traditionally a secure way of storing value, and crypto can’t coexist together. At least, Silver Gold Bull thought so. They’re a worldwide company that’s based in Canada.

If you feel the need to trade your Bitcoin for gold bars or coins, Silver Gold Bull is the place to do so. By paying with cryptocurrency you can save 4% of your purchase, besides the convenience, security, and lower or no transactional fees that come by paying with crypto.


The fast-growing and producer of state-of-the-art hardware crypto hardware naturally accepts your Bitcoin as valid payment in their online shop. 

They started out using the Bitpay platform and recently added crypto.com Pay services as customers requested more alternative cryptocurrency payment options.  Now customers from around the world can enjoy the convenience of paying with crypto.