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Best Litecoin Wallets: Top 10 LTC Wallets Of 2021

Litecoin seventh Most famous digital currency At this time and it’s likewise quickest developing coin It was launched in October 2011 by Charlie Lee.

Today I’m going to share some best secure Litecoin wallets, trust you’re finding The A best wallet to store your Litecoins.

Best Litecoin Wallets (2020)

Litecoin Hardware Wallets

I might want to impart to you Top 10 Litecoin Secure wallets here, Let’s Quick Look.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger nano S

The most noteworthy security norms: every one of our items incorporates a guaranteed secure chip and a custom OS to guarantee greatest security.

– More than 1500 crypto resources bolstered: on account of our equipment wallets, you can make sure about a wide scope of crypto resources.

– Safely deal with your benefits: utilize our own application Ledger Live or an outside wallet to purchase, oversee and stake crypto from the security of your equipment wallet.

– The most famous equipment wallets: more than 1.5 Million units sold everywhere throughout the world.

At the point when you own crypto resources, you need a protected spot to store your assets. You most likely as of now understand that you shouldn’t store it on trade and that equipment wallet is the most ideal approach to ensure your private keys. Yet, with regards to the equipment wallet, it very well may be trying to choose what is the most ideal alternative. To help you in this examination, we’ve illustrated what are the key components to consider and why you ought to pick Ledger gadgets.

Ledger Nano S is a Best Litecoin Hardware wallet. The exceptional wallet is accessible on their official site and furthermore accessible on the Amazon Store.

The wallet similar to the USB, for getting to it, first needs to download their product in your PC/Laptop once you have Downloaded that product associates it to the PC then store Litecoin.

It acknowledges there are numerous digital forms of money including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin Ass well.

Remember writedown Backup expresses else, you may lose your cash, For additional subtleties Click Here.

Buy Ledger Nano S


Trezor Wallet

Trezor is also a Hardware wallet. The first equipment wallet ever it was discharged for Bitcoin.

Be that as it may, presently it accepts there are 13+ distinctive Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) too.

You can access it through their chrome augmentation and other online wallets including MyEtherWallet.

It’s available their official site, and Amazon store purchases and stores Litecoin in Trezor equipment wallet.

Buy Trezor

Litecoin Web Wallets



In 2012, Coinbase had the extreme thought that anybody — anyplace — ought to have the option to effectively and safely get to Bitcoin. We consider cryptographic money to be the eventual fate of cash and an impetus for making an open budgetary framework around the globe.

Today, in excess of 35 million individuals in more than 100 nations trust Coinbase to purchase, sell, store, utilize and gain digital currency.

Coinbase is one of the most mainstream wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as well.

CoinBase is an across the board stage there has an alternative to purchasing/sell digital forms of money, Don’t have to purchase Litecoin anyplace simply purchase Litecoin with charge/Mastercard from Coinbase and store there.

Can get to your CoinBase wallet through your cell phone, Coinbase application accessible on Google Play Store and Apple store.

Visit CoinBase


The first Guarda Wallet for Ethereum (ETH) was propelled in 2017. From that point forward, their group has fabricated a one of a kind biological system of blockchain-related items. Guarda crew contains profoundly experienced pros. The organization got the FIU permit (reg. FVR000109) for virtual cash against fiat money trade, conforming to the laws and guidelines of every ward in which Guarda works.

Guarda Wallet Mission

Guarda designers made computerized wallets that give total security. Everybody can utilize their product for simple putting away and overseeing cryptographic forms of money. They regard, acknowledge, and genuinely love the blockchain innovation. Their need is the decentralization of the Guarda programming as per the fundamental standards of blockchain. Client security and secrecy are the primary propose for them, that is the reason they don’t store your private keys, reinforcement documents, or some other information on Guarda servers. All your private information is put away just by you. Their wallet is lightweight, has a helpful and instinctive interface.

In case you’re searching for a protected Litecoin wallet – you’re at the correct spot. I would suggest Guarda wallet – the main and most trusted Litecoin LTC wallet that bolsters numerous different digital forms of money including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron, also. More subtleties can be found in the wake of tapping the catch underneath.

Visit Guarda


LiteVault is the least complex wallet there is no information required to get to it just visits click on make another record the wallet is an open source wallet.

After signUp, it’ll show you a private key that will be your entrance Id don’t impart that key to anybody and store at the sheltered spot.

For store, Litecoin goes to “get page” taps on creating New location at that point send your Litecoin to that address.

Visit LiteVault


CryptoNantor Wallet


The CryptoNator is the least difficult Litecoin wallet it acknowledges there is a wide range of monetary forms including Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

It’s A web wallet, for store Litecoin, as a matter of first importance, you have to make a record tapping on information exchange Botton.

  • Go to the account section.
  • Select there Litecoin.
  • Generate New Litecoin deposit address
  • Then send your LTC on that address.

Visit CryptoNator

Litecoin Desktop Wallets


Exodus wallet



The departure is a work area Litecoin wallet it acknowledges there are numerous digital currencies including EOS, Salt, Ethereum, and Monero XMR ass well.

The wallet has a Beautiful interface, in this wallet additionally has A crypto-to-crypto trade alternative you can likewise trade your cash only a tick.

It’s anything but difficult to use, forget to mass migration needs to download on their official site and introduce in your PC/Laptop.

  • Open wallet In your Computer.
  • Chose the Litcoin.
  • Send Litecoin to that wallet LTC address.

Download Exodus


Jaxx Wallet


Jaxx was made in 2014 by Ethereum prime supporter Anthony Diiorio. Jaxx acknowledges dozens of digital forms of money, including Litecoin (LTC).

Can get to it with numerous stages including cell phone, work area, and Google Chrome expansion.

It available through 12 Random words you needn’t bother with any Email address or Password you simply introduce it on your PC, cell phone, and program.

  • First, accept their terms & condition.
  • Click on create a new wallet.
  • Select your wallet copy deposit address.
  • Send your Litecoins to that address.

Don’t forget to write down 12 random Backup phrases that will be your account access id for next time and do not share those phrases with anyone; otherwise, you may lose your money.



Electrum-LTC is an unadulterated and most powerful Desktop Litecoin wallet. You can get to it utilizing twelve security phrases.

First Download it on their official site at that point introduce in your PC after introduce Electrum-LTC wallet remember to record your 12 back expressions on the grounds that those expressions assist you with getting to your wallet next time.

Download Electrum-ltc

Litecoin Smartphone Wallets

Litecoin Wallet By Freewallet

The Litecoin wallet made by free wallet Organization. Best Litecoin Smartphone wallet I found, The wallet likewise simple to use for everybody.

For utilizing it, as a matter of first importance, introduce it on your cell phone can discover it on Google Play Store and Apple store.

In the wake of introducing it, the wallet will show four distinct choices to make a record including through Facebook, Mobile telephone and by means of the Email address, select an alternative and make another record.

Go to setting choice to enter your email address and must empower 2-factor security choice.

Find there get Litecoin choice get your store address and afterward store your Litecoin into your wallet.

Download Litecoin Wallet

Litecoin Exchnages Wallets

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Bithumb
  • Okex

Litecoin Paper Wallets


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